Adobe Creates Hardware For Drawing and Creating, Gives Wacom a Run For the Mobile Money! / by Jason Joseph

Adobe's Physical Product. Mighty and Napoleon

Adobe thinks that drawing is an integral part of creativity, and has created " Project Mighty and Napoleon " to take the way we draw and create to new heights! Putting the focus on the tools that currently exist, and filling in the gaps of what was missing Adobe has in turn made a device, or rather a pair of devices that will likely become as  quintessential to many creatives processes as pigments and protractors! Imagine working in an environment where not only a stylus pen, a pressure sensitive one at that, would be your connection to the device but your fingers as well. Draw with the pen.. erase with your finger. Gestures.. yes of course there are gestures.. and yes.. you can use your fingers with most pen applications, but Adobe seems to make it happen in a way that just seems very natural. And it doesn't stop at just a pen...they've created a physical digital ruler of sorts that interacts with the device and the pen, and it seems very natural. And reportedly the two are incredibly comfortable to use. And according to my eyes.. they are easy to look at! Have a look for yourself:

Now imagine being able to copy from one device to another. Sketch on one device, and simply copy and paste it to another. The pen is unique to your identity. Storing your designs in the cloud, and allowing you access to them on any device. And it doesn't stop there. Colors are accessed via Kuler, so entire pallets seem to magically travel with you as well. A brush stroke of your creative DNA...available wherever you call upon it.

Adobe is calling this a simple scratching of the surface. (A pressure sensitive scratch no doubt!?) Their aim is to get people to draw with current technology ( Read: tablets ) in more natural ways. 

Personally I think they are headed in the right direction. With the recent release of Wacom's Intuos Creative Stylus it does seem that the market is ready for these devices...what Adobe is doing differently from Wacom is implementing their Cloud service to make your work  travel with you, hence making the pen like a loaded brush that simply needs a canvas... any canvas. And that appeals to me. As does the implementation of Kuler. As does the much more fine tipped pen on Adobes offering of a pressure sensitive pen!

How Wacom will respond to Mighty and Napoleon will remain to be seen....and will be seen in the coming months.

Adobe is set to introduce these new tools to teh creative market sometime in 2014. They're also releasing two apps  to go along with its release. The apps are named Contour and Parallel. Contour is a draft-sketching application, and Parallel s an iPhone app that allows you take photos using your cellphones camera and convert them into vector shapes. (This could be rather excellent for interior designers, and architects...though the uses will most likely be far more broad in their coverage) Both apps will work seamlessly with one another.

.I'll leave you with two things:

1) A video (Above) from Engadget showcasing the Contour App

2) A question... what do you think you would like to see this technology include...what do you feel its lacking?

Drop a comment below...I'd love to hear your thoughts.