Before and After: Jason Sutter, Drummer / by Jason Joseph

When drummer Jason Sutter, who has played with some of the worlds greatest acts such as Pink, Marilyn Manson, New York Dolls, Soundgarden, Audioslave, Foreigner and more, called and invited me to come meet up during sound-check and make some images I jumped at the chance!
It was extremely short notice though, and in the scramble to prepare and change schedules, align gear rental adjust some things at home...get to Foto Care prep, check and load the gear, and make it out to the venue in time...all within 20 hrs of the call...something went very very very wrong. While packing the gear, I...not my assistant Brian.. but I, managed to get distracted from what I was doing by someone making polite conversation. It was enough for me to, in my haste...make a mistake that I will never make again.

We left Manhattan hopped in the Jeep, and headed out to Long Island where we would ultimately fins Jason ready to make the walls rattle.
20 minutes from the venue I got the call I hope no one ever gets... Hi... Jason, this is Aaron at FotoCare, did you take a head with you for yoru pack? Because we have one here on the desk, we think it was yours. In my unpacking to check what was packed... and allowing myself to be distracted while doing what is a mission critical task.. checking off everything we need.....I left the one Profoto Head we were to have with us., behind.

No time to turn around and retrieve it. I was forced to light the scene with speedlights which I'd packed a few for backup. The light just wasn't the same...I made due. And with a bit of heavy lifting in Photoshop I managed to save the day, and I've much more content coming from something special we rigged up on the stage. But that light... that one light. My job got a lot harder than it need be!

That one moment I stopped focusing on what was truly important to be polite...nearly cost me the shoot. Next time... a raised hand.. a finished task.. and an apology..."Sorry, I had to finish my gear checklist." Priorities!