Before and After: Out to Sea / by Jason Joseph

From straight out of camera raw file, to fully processed. I only wish the processing was as quick as what you see before your eyes!


Shooting with a Tilt Shift 85mm Nikkor lens while bouncing around the high seas (OK...OK they weren't that high for this particular image) was a challenge, and one that was worth the effort.
The way I see it, having more control of making an image only means more responsibility to do the job right. Otherwise the gear becomes just frivolous, if not a complete hindrance. If you have the option though to have more control, you shouldn't shrug it off because it may be more difficult.
Everyone I spoke to when I told them I was going to work with a tilt shift lens in such conditions had the same general reaction. They either wanted to tell me how hard it was going to be, how hard it had been for them to shoot in normal conditions with one, or how they couldn't see why I'd want to do such a thing.
Well...sometimes you have to create work to simply show people...why.