Candid Portrait of Me at Work and Of Society As a Whole / by Jason Joseph

Jason Joseph at Work by Photographer Zac Thomas

A good buddy of mine and talented national wedding photographer /  ( and apparently) candid street photographer Zac Thomas  snuck up on me while I was working and

demonstrated his uncanny candid street photography techniques in an image that has

struck a chord with many who've seen it.

I was just glad to be a part of it. What does this image say to you?

I'd never met Zac before, and I was going about my business, directing my subjects and thinking about nothing they saw him before I did... a hand came out from nowhere.. and it was holding an iPhone 4 with this image

glistening on its retina display. When I looked up, I saw Zac smiling. He cracked a joke... I don't recall exactly

what it was, though I'm sure it was at least halfway funny. I was still in shock from the sudden shifting of gears.

It's not often that my connection with my subjects and control on set is so abruptly lost. All I could do though was

smile....he'd really grabbed a stellar image. I took the phone to examine it more. Wow.. I couldn't believe that I was

completely unaware I was even being photographed. Sneaky bastard! I like this guy! Then I saw something I'd never

till that moment seen... on the back side of his iPhone... a Nikon S2 sticker... made the phone look just like a miniature Nikon! How...! Well that was it, me and this guy were going to be friends.. but I had a shoot to get back to! We exchanged information, everyone had a laugh... Zac went on his way, and we picked up where we left off.

Hours later, after reviewing some images over paninis and cappuccinos at my favorite Village haunt Caffe Reggio 

I was strolling along 6th ave, and who do I nearly walk right past....had it not been for my assistant noticing, we would have. There was Zac, having a bite at a sidewalk table. Well next thing you know it was many hours, and many beers later, and a great new friendship was formed. So to me, this image reflects quite a bit, it's a portrait of me at work. It's a portrait of the state of society, it's a statement about contentment, and its a photographic mile marker marking the very instance preceding what will surely be a life long friendship. What see!?