Shooting Canon Cameras at Foto Care NYC / by Jason Joseph

Canon Cameras, NYC, and Foto Care. What a Great Combination.

A Portrait I made of My Assistant Brian Firing a Canon and Rocking a Tilt Shift Lens Courtosey Of Foto Care

Tilt-Shift Canon on a 5DMKIII We Secure all Gear Using Peak Design Technology. More on that In an Upcoming Post

I spent a morning last year shooting with TWO Brians (Thats Brian not brains I'm in trouble enough with one brain!) my assistant Brain and Brian from Foto Care. Foto Care had set up a great day to shoot and print with Canon gear, and Canon had some great people along to educate and help out. 

I took out a Canon D1x and put it through its paces for a bit (I only took the it out for a short stint as it was slated to be rented and was the last one in shop.) I took a 5DMKlll out for the duration of the day with a tack sharp EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM  L series piece of glass bolted to the front of it.

The D1x....What a wonderfully responsive, intelligent machine. Ergonomically delicious too, it doesn't suffer ergonomically as (IMHO) the 5D series does. This camera cuddles your hand and says let's go... right now.. let's go! While the speed of the camera is easily a high point, the image quality and ability to make 'light' (Pun intended) work of complex lighting scenarios and deliver an image that just seems to get what it is you're looking at...really makes for a confident shooting experience.

Strolling around Manhattan with no real intention other than to see what you see, and make therapeutic. Brian and I wound up on our own adventure. The goal being to see if anything turned up. And it it I believe it always will, when one remains open to whatever makes its way to ones self. Call it opportunity, or syncronicity...I think there is so much to be gained when you don't try so hard and simply let things happen.

So with this in mind...we strolled. Visited a church..for the vibe.
And because one of the coolest things about NYC is that there is almost always a church open. Try this in many cities, and you'll find sadly they just don't have the resources to keep their doors open. I know this to be the case in Philadelphia. I find it sad.

The 100mm Macro Has a Sliver of DOF to it Which Is Great for Shooting portraits at Distances Close Enough to Still Be Able to Comfortably Communicate With Ones Subject. Here we see Only Brian's Eye and Ear in Focus.

I've Titled This one "Public Library" The 100mm Macro is Just Tack Sharp and Provides the Perfect  Amount of DOF for Working on the Street. (Or in the Park For That Matter)

We strolled the streets, we strolled the market. I found to wonderful souls who I managed to make images worthy of my permanent portfolio. One is an image of a man reading in Washington Square Park. This guy was on a mission.. I'd seen him earlier blocks away.. sitting on the sidewalk against a building.. doing the same thing... studying. I believe, that he was homeless. And working on not being homeless. You could see the drive in his eyes. I had to make an image.

We hit the Farmers Market...where we ran into many of the other photographers, which turned into less shooting and more talking (I'm a chatty bloke if you've not yet caught on!) So we had to break free...and no sooner did we...I saw a wonderful character in a straw hat and a suit. I stopped him, and said...I'd like to make your portrait. It will take less than a minute, but I insist that I make an image of you. His eyebrows rose, and he said to me wryly..."Why..." ending in a inquisitive near smirk. I quickly replied..."Because no one who spends the time on their wardrobe and appearance as you so thoughtfully do, deserves to go a moment with a camera in the hands of someone like myself, without their image being preserved." A smile crossed his face... his eyes smiling, as he nodded and motioned for me to proceed.
                                                                                                                                                                          I fired off one shot. This was it:

All in all it was a productive day of shooting on one of my favorite platforms. We had the opportunity to meet new people, some of who are doing great work and all of who were fun to spend time with. When the shooting was over... we reconvened at Foto Care where we enjoyed the lunch provided by the fun gang at Canon. Then the real fun began...we sat around and printed some images we'd shot, and saw something you don't see enough in photography these days...and that is, the image making cycle, come full circle and end in a physical print you can hold in your hand, and more importantly hang on your wall. You know... the way it's supposed to be. Canon ran an insane sale on one of it's PIXMA printers, an unprecedented amount off! (We're talking several hundred dollars off!) and the printer performed so well, and we were so impressed, my assistant Brian bought one! The ability to get the colors right.. right out of the box and wind up with images that accurately represented the scenes you saw earlier, without having to wrestle with color-spaces and Photoshop...and to do so and wind up with prints of such stellar quality is what blew us away and ultimately wound up with a giant box in the back of the Jeep on the way home!

Dapper Dude

Some More Of the Images From Our Day With Foto Care and Canon

From taking photos to printing them, the entire process of rendering a vision and turning it into something something that Canon has down pat. And to offer a day of shooting with some of the best gear in the industry..followed by printing images..and tossing in lunch... well I don't think you can have a better day with a camera, let alone a camera store or company. KUDOS Foto Care.. KUDOS Canon!

Now.. the best part about all of this is that YOU can attend the next event! And its coming up soon, which is why I wanted to share this experience with you. If You're in NYC or can be for Thursday April 23rd, you can come along as the folks from Canon and Foto Care are doing it again. It's a great way to experience the gear and make new friends.

Never Been to Foto Care? Want to Go? Here's a Map

If you're in NYC and need to rent equipment, don't hesitate to call the good people at Foto Care Rentals (212) 741-2990 Ask for Brian. He's knowledgeable, thoughtful...and really knows his gear. (Everyone there does!)

With so many camera stores at our disposal in NY its easy to feel spoiled.. it's even easier with Foto Care.