Christmas Tree / by Jason Joseph

Christmas Tree by Jason Joseph

Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree,....Are you singing along with me yet?!? With Thanksgiving barely under our loosened belts and Black Friday a Ghost of Black Friday Past.... It is time to carry on with the next official phase of the holiday season here at my house! Time to erect the Christmas Tree! While I've always been a fan of natural trees, and our family used them for the majority of the holidays... we have had one... or two faux trees.

This particular Christmas tree was not one of ours though. I found it in a restaurant. It was twirling round, mocking me and the last glass of wine I probably could have done without.  After a brief discussion with the owner of the establishment, it was settled.. I was to make an image of this tree like no other!

I cant remember exactly how I set the shot up, I propped the camera up on something, and after a few frames...finally had just the right shot! They were all rather interesting but this one just sorta screamed..."Look at me! I'm a Christmas Tree!" The patrons who were there watching all agreed.. the other images could all go.. This tree was flirting with us in this shot, and it probably wasn't going to get any better than this! "If Frosty The Snowman had been a Christmas tree ... this would be it!", someone chimed! Yes... yes I agreed!

It's been my online tree now for I think going on 5 years, and it's just one of those images that I've grown rather sentimental about. I may put up a real tree in the house.. but this... this will be my digital homes tree for some time to come! I hope you enjoy it! And may you and yours have an excellent holiday season, a Merry Christmas...and a Happy New Year!