Corporate Portraits, Sure! How About 32 in 1 Day? No Problem! / by Jason Joseph

Corporate portraiture. I like the sound of it as it's so wonderfully specific, yet can be rather fluid depending upon the client. So when the call came in to shoot portraits for one of the worlds top law firms at their Park Ave. office and I was told they wanted individual portraits shot throughout their 6 floor office complex, I knew it would be a great day of shooting.
   The shoot day was initially to be broken into two days but crafty scheduling on the part of the client afforded us the ability to make an unprecedented 32 portraits in one day. This was only possible due to diligent clockwork like scheduling. Giving me only seven to 15 minutes with each subject, and breaking for 45 min. for lunch would make such a feat possible. Being an office of efficient professionals meant that they were used to schedules and showing up on time. It was my job to make sure that I stuck to my schedule, and with both an assistant and a producer working by my side though most of the day, we managed to pull it off like... well...clockwork.
   I had the run of the place.. through 6 floors...though we stuck to the top floors as they were all carbon copies of the next.  The interior offered very little in interest, but the views were wonderful, if not various enough to afford everyone to have their own piece of NY skyline. That was ok though, as really we were here to display the character of the subjects.. not the surrounding architecture. 
   Maintaining focus.. I kept it fluid, and let each person walk into the room, introduced myself and explained to them I hadn't decided before meeting them where to shoot them, as I wanted it to be very organic. And that's how the day went.. one after the next, ascertaining where to shoot them nearly as soon as I'd met them, we'd take a few test shots and off we'd go. 
   We more than often nailed the shots within the first few frames if not the first frame...which happened on several occasions...such as the gentleman with the Park Ave corner office view.
    I shot with a Profoto B2 with a 3' Profoto Octabox. The distance to subject changed but was usually in the 3-4' range. ISO was 100 to 200 roughly, and I shot again roughly around F7. I shot an average of 15 images per subject, less if you count the test shots. We swapped out the battery of the B1 during lunch but in all honesty...we most likely would have been able to shoot the entire day on one battery In fact.. essentially we did.