Freedom, the 4th of July, and Some BBQ for Thought / by Jason Joseph

The Statue of Liberty, you could say today is her day.

Statue of Liberty by Jason Joseph

July 4th, a day of barbecues fireworks pool parties and family. I took this image yesterday while out on a job in NY's harbor. A gorgeous day. You couldn't paint a better day! Well...perhaps you could. I certainly couldn't. My mother is the painter in the family... hence the long history with cameras for me!Seeing Lady Liberty up close and personal on the day before the 4th, got me to thinking, and I'd like to share some of those thoughts with you.

Freedom. It's something that was fought for, it's also more prevalent than we are for the most part aware of on a daily basis. For instance we are free, to do as we choose.. for the most part. Most importantly though, we are free to make our own decisions. We are free to decide to not complain, free to choose to find a way, free to explore, free to embrace everything we can do and pay no mind to the things we can't. We are free to decide that we deserve good things, free to treat others well, free to eat good healthy foods and avoid the foods that are bad for us.

Free to create images that aren't what we normally produce, free to experiment, free to fail! Free to believe that were worth more, free to love each other more, free to choose to not do one single thing we don't believe in, free to decide. We... are free to decide. How often we forget this and we make excuses.

Excuses are like shackles that will keep you right where you are, and deny you of the growth that is your birth right, deny you of the pleasure of  becoming something... someone... greater than you already are.  So decide to make no excuses.. decide to be aware that the greatest freedom we have in life.. is the freedom to choose.

Happy 4th Of July!!