Peak Design Leash Camera Strap System Review / by Jason Joseph

There are so many camera straps out there, making a choice can be daunting. B&H Photo lists 1,259 to choose from! Where to begin!?
Well I've tried everything there is. Slings, holsters padded straps, name it. And sadly...there is something wrong with every system out there. All of them have their weaknesses, and not one of them, ever made me feel like I'd finally found a system I could live with. One that would just work. That is...till I found Peak Design. The fellas at Peak Design just plain get it! There is nothing you don't need, the quick release plate doesn't get in the way when you want to carry in a sling configuration, there are no design flaws, no anything.... that isn't form, following if it is, its J O B !

It’s easy to sit around and talk about the problems of existing products...the hard part’s designing the solution....
— Adam Saraceno, Peak Design

You name any 'system' out on the market, and I'll show you it's faults, and how Peak Design trumps it! Want an example? Spider Monkey (this really almost isn't fair...) Spider attaches a BALL under your camera. And its anything but a ball to have there! It attaches with a wrench! And once its there.. FORGET about attaching the camera to a tripod. And don't get me started on the bulk.

Assistant Brian Checking His Peak Design Leash Secured Canon 5DMKII and Rocking the Capture PRO Clip. Makes Moving Around NYC Streets Much More Safe With an Expensive DSLR

I Even Rock a Peak Design Leash on my Vintage Polaroid Camera, Seen Here Basking in The Warm Sunlight of Los Angeles

Take the popular...Rapid Strap. Do you like to see your camera rapidly flail around at your side? Not me. Peak design allows you to attach your camera so it rests in a manner less conducive to flopping around. Combine a clip and you can lock it in place. Zero 'Rapid Flap." How about Vulture (this one is laughable...and insulting to your intelligence... ) The gentleman who started this company wants you to believe that you need a LIFE OR DEATH quick release system for another 20$ to release your camera so it can plummet to it's demise, should your life be in danger. (This happened to him apparently.) 
And for $179.99 US you can have one in your bag...and add an entire 3/4 of a lb. to your bag in the process! (Don't think that matters? It does if you travel on assignments, and you find yourself struggling to come in under 50lbs to avoid baggage fees! ) I once saw someone with one of these monstrosities attached to a Canon 5DmkII ! The camera weighs just under 2lbs! And this guy had a strap attached that was nearly half the weight of the camera body. Sometimes all you can do is laugh.....

With Peak Design's Leash all you get is a 2 0z. strap that allows your camera to glide over your shoulder when you want to maneuver it, and yet will rest on your shoulder when you don't want it to go anywhere. It will attach and detach in a manner that is utterly as brilliant as it is swift, and will become something that makes you smile and appreciate it each time you use it. Especially if you've ever used any other strap. And thats right...its just 2 ounces! Remarkable really how comfortable it is. How easily adjustable it is...and how well designed the attachment system is. Which is really just beyond words. I implore you to watch the videos and get a look at the system in action.

Leash Features:

  • Works with any camera: Attaches to any camera's strap loops. Compatible with compact cameras all the way up to full-frame DSLRs and even medium format cameras. Also attaches to any Peak Design quick-release plate (not included)
  • Use with binoculars, tripods and more: Don't stop at cameras. Leash can connect to just about anything that you might want to carry with a strap - that includes binoculars, tripods, rangefinders, toddlers, the list goes on. Don't use Leash to carry your toddler though. People will judge you.
  • Endlessly configurable: Wearable as a sling strap, neck strap, safety tether or video stabilizer. Detach Leash and reconfigure it in seconds.
  • Quick-connecting: Attach and detach with one hand using our patent-pending Anchor Link™ connection system.
  • Glides over your clothing: The smooth seatbelt-style webbing glides over your clothing, making Leash comfortable for long periods of time.
  • Huge range of adjustment: Quickly adjustable from 33 inches (84 cm) to 60 inches (152 cm) with a glass-reinforced nylon sliding adjuster. When used as a safety tether, Leash can become as short at 19 in (48 cm).
  • Super strong: strong enough to hold any pro camera/lens/accessory combo.
  • Use with Capture®: works stand-along or with the Capture® Camera Clip.
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts

Clip In and Read the Rest....

My Assistant Brian Rocking the Peak Design Clip During a day of Shooting with Canon and Foto Care in NYC

That last line is one of my favorite things....lifetime warranty on all parts. Gotta love a company that stands behind their products!
But the Leash is just one tool in an arsenal of tools that Peak Design offers. Their Capture Pro Camera Clip system allows you to carry your camera without a strap. Or attach it to a wide array of things.  Everything from a belt to a backpack strap or a monopod or tripod.
In fact, I use one mounted permanently to an old Tilt-All Tripod that has been with me for years. I love it for its weight and the old school head, but I hate it for the same reasons! The weight I can deal with, as I'm seldom the one carrying it, but it lacks a quick release connector to attach a camera. You must actually  thread it onto the bottom of the camera. Speedy, tis not! Now with a Clip attached, I can use my trusty 'ol tripod and clip in and`out with lightning speed. Back in action!

Capture PRO Camera Clip Features:

Peak Design Capture Pro Clip

  • Works with any camera: Full-frame DSLR, Crop-sensor DSLR, compact mirrorless or point-and-shoot. Mount GoPro cameras with the POV Kit (sold separately).
  • Strong enough for any physical activity: Quick-release lock withstands over 200 lbs. of force.
  • Works with ARCA-type tripods: Take your camera out of CapturePRO and put it directly into your ARCA-type tripod.
  • Works with Manfrotto RC-2 tripods: Install a set of adapters into the PROplate (adapters and plate included) and your camera will fit into both ARCA and Manfrotto® RC2 tripods. (Learn more about Capture compatibility with Manfrotto Tripods)
  • All-Aluminum Construction: CapturePRO boasts a professional quality build for especially rugged environments.
  • Converts to a tripod clamp: CapturePRO can be screwed atop your tripod and used as a quick-release clamp.
  • Attaches to any strap or belt: Works with straps up to 3 inches (7.6 cm) wide and 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) thick.
  • Change lenses with ease: Your camera locks into Capture in multiple directions, allowing fast lens changing.
  • Button safety lock: Twist the quick-release button to prevent theft and accidental drops.
  • Plate lock: Rigidly secures the quick-release plate in the clip for stabilization while taking POV video.
  • Ultralight, ultra-durable: Weatherproof powder-coated aluminum construction
  • Lifetime guarantee from Peak Design

Capture Pro Camera Clip on a Monopod

Now, add to that the fact that I can clip in and out of the once collecting dust in the corner, Tilt-All tripod....Tilt-Alls also have one leg that converts to a monopod, so this relic of a perfectly otherwise usable piece of gear rendered obsolete by a stubborn head, is now resurrected and more useful than ever! Plus the ability to have an assistant carry the camera with their hands free as it's clipped to their belt or backpack, and then clip me into a tripod without having to stop to make any changes to the camera itself....priceless!
   The ability to undo one end of the strap so quickly and then use the length of it as a stabilizing strap under one foot as you pull it taught. BONUS!
Want to shoot in any situation where dropping the camera may mean losing it? Like shooting over the side of a building, or out a helicopter door? Use the leash as a security strap. And when you are finished shooting  secure the camera in the Clip. (My friend Emily Adamson is a wedding photographer in New Zealand...she shoots out of choppers every few weeks... I should send her one of these...)

Peak Design Thought Of Everything. That Center Hole Allows You To Attach Your Pro Clip To a Tripod

Peak Design Slide

The Adjustment Mechanism of the Peak Design Slide in Action

The Leash was their first foray into abolishing a thousand plus other useless attempts at carrying a camera that as I said earlier can find listed online at B&H. And it's supple, and thin, and super comfortable. I carry a Nikon D800 with a grip, and an array of lenses, all but one of them being anything but petite! A 60mm Micro or an 85mm are what mostly find their way bolted to the F-mount. So the camera isn't light, to say the least. And it's comfortable when carried on a Leash. I can go all day carrying in the sling position... and frequently do!
But now they've gone and done it...they created another masterpiece and it's called "Slide' and it's absolutely's mechanism for adjustment is so slick.. it seems one isn't even required to look down to see what ones doing while adjusting. Truly seems to be a one handed operation. I don't have one yet but you can bet when I get one I'll be sure to do a review. What you may find interesting about Slide is that while it's the same width as the exaggeration of a strap I mentioned earlier called "The Vulture," it only weights in at 171 grams which is SIX ounces. Or, approximately half the weight of The Vulture! And much more configurable. And far less tacky or full of useless "features."

If you want to get in on the system, but want to do so without feeling as if you're throwing away your strap, that otherwise serves its purpose but is taking your camera hostage by being permanently attached, and set to one configuration.... I'd like to suggest Anchor Links. Anchor links will let you connect your existing strap to the Patented system Peak Design has to connect and disconnect your camera to straps. This will let you use one strap...with two separate camera bodies as it comes with two pairs of Anchor Links. that means that for $20.00 you can double the usage of your existing strap. And if you purchase a Peak Design Arca plate, you can then attach your strap to one (Or both) of the cameras in a variety of configurations. And you're going to want that plate....because eventually You'll want a Clip or two... and then probably a ProPad too!
Wait... "What's a [Pro Pad?" Ah.... Well we'll get to that...maybe next time when I review the Slide! But you're gonna dig it if you large lenses!
But don't wait for me...go check out their site and see for yourself!
And if you see Pete or Adam, tell em I said hi!

And if you are wondering... did I get paid for such a glowing review?
No. I simply enjoy discovering products that not only work, but that do so while solving problems in an elegant manner and that are of quality materials and construction...and sharing them with people who will appreciate them too. Don't you?

Ok... maybe it had something to do with the fact that they share the same colors as my website and the Six Beats of Separation website and project....but you can't fault a fella for appreciating good taste!
Hit up the Peak Design Website:
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