What Would You Say to a Week of FREE Camera Gear!? / by Jason Joseph

Something special for my followers this week... my way of saying thank you for being here!

You can rent a Profoto B2 Location Kit for $212.00 for 14 days!
That's 15$ a day !!!
Imagine renting a Fuji X-Pro-1 and a Zeiss Touit 32mm f1.8 lens for 14 days for a total of $136.00! That comes out to $9.71 a DAY!

What gear do you need for your next shoot?
What gear have you wanted to try? Whatever it is you wish want or need to rent...June is the time to rent it!
Rent gear for one week...and thanks to my friends at
Borrow Lenses To Go You'll get a second week FREE!

Going on vacation?
Rent a super-zoom, or a GoPro in a waterproof housing....
A super wide angle lens, to grab all the action...or experiment with a tilt-shift Perspective control lens and get a new look to your adventures.

Sony Alpha a7R II Mirrorless Digital Camera
Rent 7 Days Get 7 Free

Simply order between now and Saturday, June 13th, 2015. Use the Discount Code JUNE7FREE 

Profoto B2 250 AirTTL Location Kit
DJI RoninM Gimbal Stabilizer
Lomography 85mm f2.2 Petzval Lens for Canon
RED Scarlet Dragon Canon Mount Package

Want to Say Thank You Back?


You just being here is thanks enough. It makes me happy to know people visit the blog. If you'd like to make me thrilled to pieces however...you can pass it along to some friends or subscribe..or both. But if not I'm just as glad. 


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What Would You Most Like To See On This Blog?
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